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Working in wooden buildings is more efficient

Working in wooden buildings is more efficient

The choice of construction materials for offices can influence work productivity Of all materials wood is considered the most pleasing, and research has shown that it has many positive influences on health and wellbeing. At Wood City, wooden materials promote wellbeing and efficiency at work.

Α well-designed and functional work environment is more pleasant for employees, and increases wellbeing and productivity. Materials matter in workspaces too. Research has proven wood to have positive effects on human health, and indeed it is recommended as a building material for spaces in which people spend a lot of time. The use of wood is recommended for use in building and furnishing hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and offices, for example.

– Many people spend the larger part of their working days at work, so it is important that these are pleasant places to be. Choice of materials can have a considerable effect on work satisfaction. Wood is considered a pleasant material that creates a warm atmosphere. At Wood City, wood has a significant role both inside and outside, says SRV’s Marketing Manager Raisa Holmroos.

In a study* done by SRV last year, for a majority of the participants workspaces influenced both satisfaction at work and work performance. Of the respondents, a full 84 percent said that their workspace affected their satisfaction at work, and 71 percent said it affects their work performance.

Wellbeing increases efficiency

The materials, colours, and lighting in buildings have effects on people that, despite often going unnoticed, are significant. According to a research project on the structural elements of a healthy environment, and particularly wood use, the right sort of environment can further both physical and mental wellbeing. The research was done at the Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences.

– Wood is especially beneficial for health. It has been shown to have a positive effect on, amongst other things, interior air quality, humidity balance, satisfaction, and acoustics, says Petri Heino, who led the study.

And it is clear from SRV’s study* that acoustics are considered especially important in offices that have a lot of open space. In addition to its good acoustic properties, wood has a low heat conductivity, which makes it more pleasant to the touch than stone-based materials or metal. The naturalness of the materials and the soundscape they create makes wooden buildings atmospheric. And with improved wellbeing comes increased productivity.

– Work goes better in a pleasant environment that promotes wellbeing. As Holmroos notes, wood-furnished offices could be a surprising trump card for many businesses, and could contribute to their success.


*SRV Office space survey April 2015