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Wood construction

Wood construction


Wood City’s wood elements rely on a construction system based on Stora Enso’s cross-laminated timber (CLT), developed further in cooperation with SRV, which is responsible for building the block. The hotel will be implemented with this element system and fitted – with building technology and interior upholstery – at the plant and mounted on site. The residential apartments, on the other hand, will be built from laminated veneer lumber (LVL) manufactured at Stora Enso’s Varkaus mill.

The production in a plant environment allows for better quality control and a professional result, in addition to which the structures will not be exposed to the weather.

Fire-retardant wood

The skeleton system based on wood elements is highly fire resistant – the CLT used in Wood City does not burn but rather chars at a known rate. Modern sprinklers spread water mist which effectively suppresses any possible fire and reduces the resultant water damage to the building.

An awaited trailblazer

SRV is building pioneering eight-storey wooden apartment blocks, the first of their kind, in Wood City. Wood City is therefore sure to attract interest and attention during its construction phase and upon its completion, both in the sense of structural engineering and as an architectural site.

Pleasant for the mind

Wood is a warm and natural material, pleasant both acoustically and visually. It improves room air by balancing air humidity and filtering air pollutants. As a material, wood furthermore has a stress-reducing effect.

A promise to nature

Wood City is an ecological choice. Wood is a 100 per cent renewable construction material, of which there is no shortage. As they grow, trees make use of the carbon dioxide in the air, which they absorb. The carbon footprint of a wooden building is much smaller than that of buildings constructed from competing materials

Natural quality

Wood City’s wood elements rely on modular systems based on Stora Enso’s CLT and LVL elements, developed further in cooperation with SRV, which is responsible for building the block.