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At Wood City, a sense of community creates efficiency
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At Wood City, a sense of community creates efficiency

For years, the idea of communal work has been increasingly popular around the world as a source of inspiration for new types of office facilities. A sense of community has been proven to increase the efficiency of employees.

Communal work is substantially connected to the digitisation-driven change in working life and the formation of a new type of work concept. At Wood City, the tenants have the opportunity to have modern facilities that support a community spirit.  Restaurant and business facilities open for all function at the heart of the communal wooden city block.

The traditional definition of a communal work space describes a physical place where a number of enterprises can lease working space according to their needs. The idea of communal work, in turn, has influenced the design of new office facilities everywhere from SMEs and large companies to public organisations. The communal work facilities of Wood City also provide opportunities for a new type of work while offering a better place for concentration, shared work and relaxation during your workday than traditional office spaces.

–    According to our research*, a personal office is still the most desired working space; a wish which may have originated from experiences with poorly designed open-plan offices. In the design of Wood City, we have taken this into consideration and are able to offer game changing solutions for open-plan office spaces as well, says Raisa Holmroos, Account Manager at SRV.

Those under the age of 30 and over the age of 50 working in white-collar jobs, management or sales are particularly interested in open-plan offices and shared offices. Women are especially interested in having shared working facilities.

At Wood City, a sense of community is also present on your breaks

In the era of communal work, the significance of taking a break and having a relaxed chat has increased. According to a survey commissioned by SRV, recreation rooms are important or very important to up to 74% of respondents. Especially those performing routine-oriented work tend to need some recreational activities.

–    Today, having a breather and a casual chat is seen as a promoter of efficiency, not as a hindrance. The adjustable office facilities of Wood City also provide opportunities for building the recreation rooms of your dreams where having a moment’s rest from work is easy, says Holmroos.

In addition to traditional office recreation rooms, other communal facilities are being designed for Wood City to be shaped according to the wishes and needs of the users.

Functional facilities should always be designed together with the user of the facilities.  Future tenants of Wood City have the opportunity to influence the design and make sure the new work facilities meet their needs and wishes now and in the future.

Video: A test conducted with the time tracking application DeskTime showed that the most efficient employees worked for 52 minutes, after which they took a 17-minute break. Breaks, it seems, are verifiably significant for the work performance of employees. During a break, you can have a chat with your colleagues over a cup of coffee, meditate, do some stretches or slight exercise or have a 15-minute power nap.

*SRV Office survey April 2015
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